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FLM 8500 Perimeter Air Monitoring Network

Thelco Technology's FLM 8500 Perimeter Air Monitoring Network provides safety and security by providing revolutionary real-time air monitoring capabilities.

Based on the US EPA's SPod Concept, the FLM 8500 actively monitors for fugitive emissions of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC). Complementary to EPA Methods 325A/325B, the FLM 8500 is designed to support an active tube or canister air sampler allowing qualitative and quantitative analysis of an incident. Real-time data is wirelessly transmitted and available through a web-based user portal.



Product Features:


  • PID Based Active Monitoring System

  • State of the Art Processor

  • Secure Data transmission Using Bi-directional, Vendor-Independent MODBUS TCP/IP Communications 

  • Optional Wind Direction and Wind Speed Tracking for Emission Source Identification

  • Immediate Alerting on User-Programmable PID Concentration Alarm

  • Optional Canister Sampling

  • Supports Rechargeable Battery Operation

  • Optional Solar Panel Charging

  • Designed to Support an Active Tube/Canister  Sampler on Alarm Allowing Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of the Incident

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